The Tailor

Is an artisan craft, and the person who carries it out is also called the tailor.

The word derives from the Latin language sartor which is connected to the word sarcire or restore.

The ancient meaning of the Tinker lost then with time, but now it is used to indicate the person who cuts and sews the clothes often with great sensitivity and taste.

The tailor is therefore the craftsman operator who prepare clothes.

Also today remains a skilled craftsman and as such has always been considered.

In Italy it was a profession that has marked the history of costume and fashion for the particular way in which it developed.

The development of this profession in Italy culminated after the war with the phenomenon of “seamstresses” and as such has developed.

Italy dressmakers represents the history of the clothing ready in Italy from the postwar period to the 60, 70 and is the nucleus of what would later become the Italian Alta Moda.

The classic tailor then follows the creation and processing of tailored suits. His job is to advise the customer on the head adapted to his measures and the most suitable fabric working on the cut.

Until the advent of textile factories and ready-made clothing, the tailor followed the entire phase of the implementation process of the head; now joins the designer who designs the (model), cutter who prepares it (the pattern) and finally the tailor who cuts and sews the suit.
Always, to perform properly and thoroughly this artisan profession requires a lot of preparation that you buy mainly on the field starting as an apprentice in a elegant shop.

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