When the tailor is bio

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When the tailor job is bio?

Men's tailoring is bio when the craftsman, the tailor, uses certified materials and low impact environmental instruments.

Fabrics especially wool, come from renowned houses such as Zegna, Fintes, Holland & Sherry etc, which have a constantly controlled chain.

From the shearing of sheep to spinning and finishing the fabrication process is certified both for the machines used for production and for the regular pay perceived by the processor.

The fabric for the customized dress, in 90% of cases is pure wool, tailor's tools, scissors for plastering, scissors for manual cutting, sewing thread, are antique tools that have no impact for the territory.

We can therefore consider the art of tailoring man as a bio work.

Passion, patience, man-made handmade skills are therefore a precious cultural lesson to be protected and protected over time.

Sartoria uomo provincia di vicenza
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